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Untold - Sarah Rees Brennan

One of the things that I really liked about the first book was that the author didn't drag out the reveal of who Jared really is. Kami and Jared realize the first time meeting. I was really worried that this would be dragged out to create misunderstandings and drama.


Unfortunately, this book looks like it is going to be nothing but misunderstandings and drama. I have the horrible suspicion that I won't end up finishing it. Which is a shame, since I really did enjoy MOST of the first one.


I would have loved to read a story about them reconciling and coming together and working through the relationship and the crazy events going on around them. But if it's a constant back-and-forth, will they/won't they type deal... Nope. Don't think I can do it.


I thought what they had could be special. They had a connection literally all their lives. It cheapens it and turns it into any "regular" high school drama romance. No way I can take that kind of relationship seriously. I mean, maybe the problem is that I'm..28? I think? (Man, at some point you start losing track.) I have a husband, a kid, a mortgage to worry about... It's hard for me to look at high school romance stories and be like, go for it! It's totally going to work out! Only it's not because you're 17 and will probably break up in college. So, when a potentially good love story comes along...and then it falls flat because of the need for DRAMA and MISUNDERSTANDINGS... I just can't bring myself to care.







Because it's fun to rant...

Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

Dorian makes me a bit queasy. He's such a jerk, but I feel like I'm supposed to like him. It's not that he's a rotten person. But he seems entitled, selfish and he doesn't respect women at all. For that matter, he doesn't seem to show anyone respect. I'm just not liking him, and I wish the book weren't including him more and  more. Ugh!


A Small...ish Rant

Cinder - Marissa Meyer

I am only 35% into the book, so there are no MAJOR spoilers, but I am posting a mini-rant that might give away some plot points.


Cinder has not accepted the prince's invitation to be a personal guest to the ball because she plans on escaping that night. Uh. So, she knows that she is immune to a very devastating disease. She knows that she might be the key to finding a cure. But she is seriously planning on leaving???


If it were me, I would be so happy that I could possibly help hundreds of thousands of people. And I don't think I'm an especially good person. I think MOST people would be willing to do whatever it took to find a cure, if they had the power to do so.


But, no. In book after book, I encounter this kind of protagonist. Instead of being worried about the bigger picture, they are completely focused on his or herself. It's starting to really annoy me. Instead of being-- "woah, is there anything more that I can do???" she is planning on how she can run away. 


I get it. She is unhappy. Of course. Evil stepmother. In this retelling, there is the added discrimination due to her being a cyborg. It is natural to want to gain some freedom. Hmmm. Maybe her new status of potential savior of humanity might warrant her to be released from the control of her legal guardian? She never considered asking the clearly influential scientist to make one of the conditions of her ongoing cooperation be that she is emancipated from her legal guardian?? She is the one with a job, so she could make money. They are going to be paying her for her cooperation, so she will be making even more money. What is left to run away from??? Where would she go?